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Euridea develops and implements projects in several fields, specializing in, but not limited to, education in social care and culture, at regional, national and transnational level.

Euridea also helps public and private bodies develop projects and submit them for funding to the European Commission and other authorities.

Euridea achieves this by:


Euridea provides services in the fields of project design for access to funding opportunities offered by the European Union and other authorities, social and economic research and education and training.

Project design

Development of projects for access to European Union, government and local authority funding opportunities

Developing projects entails more than merely having good ideas.

The assistance provided by Euridea includes the analysis and the development of project ideas; dividing projects into viable modules; singling out the best funding opportunities for each module; preparing competitive applications for grants.

When necessary, due to either the nature of the projects or the requirements for access to funding, Euridea creates and manages networks of transnational partners.

The quality of Euridea project development services is demonstrated by numerous successes in the fields of training and adult education, third sector, safeguard and exploitation of cultural heritage, Research and development, Tourism, research in applied economics and statistics.


Planning and implementation of social, economic and marketing research

Planning successful projects requires a thorough knowledge of the social, economic and cultural setting in which they are carried out.

Euridea's experience in the field of research, due to almost twenty years of activity, is demonstrated by the company's numerous publications.

Vocational training and adult education

Euridea offers vocational training and adult education courses on a wide variety of subjects: cultural heritage conservation, specialized linguistic training, IT, social care, planning for accessing european funding opportunities, agriculture, etc.

Euridea carries out its activity both at national and transnational level. Many courses have been granted European Union funding (Adapt, Leonardo, Grundtvig, Socrates, Erasmus+, ESF programmes).

Some examples of vocational training projects implemented by Euridea can be found in the "projects" section.


This section lists ongoing and completed projects, designed and implemented, entirely or in part, by Euridea. Projects are grouped by general subject areas. The same project may be listed in more than one subject area.

When funding from external agencies is involved, in many cases Euridea was also the institution receiving and managing the money.

Some links lead to external pages, mainatined by the project coordinator, that might be no longer available.

In addition, please be aware that these project sites have not been updated and the information provided within them should be used as reference only.

Due to the large number of projects carried out by Euridea in over 20 years of activity, the lists are incomplete and will be gradually incremented in the next few months.


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Euridea has ceased its activity.

The email address should still work for some time.


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